Wetland Gate

Take a pleasant walk, look, listen and enjoy

The gates of the Veenland Nature Park are more than just throughways. They are every one of them top attractions offering many experiences. The ’Veenpoort Natuur’ Gate is situated opposite the Veenloopcentrum Wetland Walking Centre and the Nature Information Centre.

Once through the gate you can take a pleasant walk, look, listen and enjoy to your heart’s content.

  • Go on one of the guided walks through the unique Bargerveen wetland.
  • Listen to stories of hidden cultural treasures.
  • Learn how the pioneers of the wetlands lived in their shacks and turf houses.
  • Find out what the Franciscan nuns did in this remote area.
  • Enjoy a Drentse krentenstoet, the region’s popular currant bun, in a cozy inn.
  • Spend a night in the former presbytery.

Weiteveen Wetland Walking Centre

Zusterweg 17
7765 AX Weiteveen
T. 0524-541458


Berkenrode 4
7884 TR Barger-Compascuum
T. 05921-324444

Emsland Moormuseum

Geestermoor 5
D-49744 Geeste, gross Hesepe
T. 0049 5937-709990

Erdöl-Erdgas Museum

Flensbergstrasse 13
D-49767 Twist
T. 0049 5936-93300

Smalspoor Museum

Griendtsveenstraat 140
7887 TK Erica
Tel.: +31(0)591 30 30 61

Van Gogh Huis

Van Goghstraat 1
7833 ZH Nieuw-Amsterdam
Tel.: +31(0)591 55 56 00

Collectie Brands Museum

Herenstreek 11
7885 AT Nieuw-Dordrecht
Tel.: +31(0)591-393400

Duits-Nederlands Bijencentrum

Hebelermeerer Str. 3
49733 Haren