Weiteveen Wetland Walking arrangement

Van Gogh and the Wetland Walking Centre

You can book this arrangement by telephoning the Van Gogh House on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On other days you can send an email. You will then receive a telephone call.

Contact data for the Van Gogh House:
Telephone number: +31.591.555600
Email address: info@vangogh-drenthe.nl

Telephone or email for more details, bookings or special arrangements. Reservation is required!


A visit to the Van Gogh House and the Wetland Walking Centre

Inspired by the beautiful landscape, Van Gogh made a number of paintings. It’s up to you to follow in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh and explore the Bargerveen.
(Minimum number of people: 8)

10.30 am Reception: coffee and cake, audiovisual presentation and guided tour of the Van Gogh House
13.00 Lunch and coffee table in the Veenloopcentrum
14.00 Walking excursion from the Veenloopcentrum led by a guide through the Bargerveen
4.30 pm Closing

You start the day at the Van Gogh House and take your own transport (car or bicycle) to the Veenloopcentrum.
Route: You go along the Vaart ZZ, direction Schoonebeek. Follow the road, round the bend to the right, and after about 10 meters turn left over the bridge. Turn right over the bridge and follow the road to the roundabout. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and at the 2nd roundabout, take the 2nd exit towards Schoonebeek. After the petrol station, take the 1st left. You will pass the Peat Sprinkle Factory. Follow the road to the end and turn left towards Weiteveen. From here you follow the signs ‘Veenloopcentrum’.

Part of this package is a visit to the Van Gogh House. Here you will receive a personal tour, including a tour of Vincent van Gogh’s bedroom and study and the old Gasterie in 1883. It is now used as a restaurant again.

The tour also includes a short film about Van Gogh’s stay in New Amsterdam and his visit to Zweeloo. Through the periscope present you can view the old attributes from that time that are stored in the attic of the Van Gogh House. Definitely worth it.

Costs per person: € 20.00
(lunch with soup and croquette € 5, – extra p/p)

Weiteveen Wetland Walking Centre
Weiteveen Wetland Walking Centre
Weiteveen Wetland Walking Centre