Wetland Walking

Veenlopen in the unique nature reserve of Bargerveen

Take a peat run in the unique Bargerveen nature reserve and let yourself be told stories about the hidden cultural treasures and the cutting of peat. The Veenloopcentrum in Weiteveen invites you to learn how nuns and pioneers lived in the past in a village in the middle of the peat.

Wetland walking in Southeast Drenthe, where the high moor reserve Bargerveen is located with an area of approximately 2500 hectares. Weiteveen is located in the middle of this area. A village with an interesting past. Formerly a vast and inaccessible peat area, where peat workers lived in huts and sod huts. The workers came from all parts of the country. The stolen tabernacle on May 4, 1925, which was found in a ditch after six days, brought about an important change in Weiteveen. A convent and a school were built where the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters were active as teachers and in district nursing.

The Veenloopcentrum provides access to routes that, accompanied by a local guide, take visitors through a nature reserve of a thousand years of culture.



The Walking Wetland Centre in Weiteveen has put together various packages for you. Such as a walking package, a stay package, children’s parties and more. More information about this can be found on the arrangements page.